Social Seeder

Social Seeder is an employee engagement and employee advocacy solution, we combine a proven methodology with a powerful SaaS platform. We help you recruit and engage your potential ambassadors – whether your employees, community members, or fans – with authentic content that can be shared on their social media networks. It’s hassle-free with visible results!

We focus on 3 main challenges in marketing:

1. Find the right talent (HR, Recruiting):

Possible new employees are constantly comparing one employer to another and it’s a challenge to stand out from the rest. Our platform makes it easier to find new talent that will fit your company’s needs.

For example, looking for an IT profile? The idle candidate may be already in one of your current IT employees their network. Let them share your vacancies for a boost of your HR recruiting process.

2. Supercharge your marketing:

Boosting brand awareness and getting new leads for your company could not be easier. Content shared by your engaged employees is more trustworthy compared to being shared by the company itself.

You’ll reach a great amount of people in the easiest way possible.

3. Social Selling through employee advocacy:

Get a boost in sales by making your employees a part of your sales process. People tend to trust recommendations from friends and family for 92% compared to traditional advertising.

By providing them with relevant content about your product you’ll unlock a whole new way of doing sales with great results.


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Susanne Gensch

Susanne Gensch ist Lösungsberaterin bei Achievers. Sie hat die letzten 20 Jahre im Personalwesen in den USA gearbeitet, zuletzt als HR-Managerin bei einem Achievers Kunden. Dort hat sie persönlich erlebt, wie Engagement und Geschäftserfolg durch Anerkennung gefördert werden.